Flooring For Carports

Many of us have at least one car or van per household. And if we happen to have a small sized family then we might even have two or three! So whereon earth do we put all these cars? Well that’s a very good question and we hope to answer it very briefly in the following article.

One particular solution that is very popular in Australia is to build a carport. A carport is a shelter with no enclosed sides as opposed to a garage which is a fully enclosed area to house your car. The advantage to using a carport is that it typically costs far less then a garage to build.

Because this particular building is set outdoors the type of flooring you’ll find in this shelter will not be your typical timber but instead a good dose of concrete. So as far as we can help with regards to flooring, well…there’s not much on that front that we can do, other than to set down a beautiful persian rug, but I have a feeling it wouldn’t quite fit in it’s surroundings! Plus I think after a few brief moments, that carpet will need a desperate wash!

The size of a carport will depend on the number of cars you’d like to have shelter it. Usually, and what is far more common, is that people only need a single carport but of course if you have more than one car you can always opt for a double sized carport and these are usually built wider rather than longer. The downside to this of course is that you need a larger footprint to build the car shelter on.

There are many designers you can choose from and if you live in Australia or Canada, then you’ll be spoiled rotten. In Australia, Custom Outdoor Living are a custom home builder, based in Melbourne who specialise in building carports. If you’re in the UK, you can check out the company below.

Wide Choice of Standard Designs

The “Classic Country” SolidLox Traditional Car Port range consists of the most popular requested sizes – 1, 2 or 3 bay, with high pitch (40 – 45 degree) or Low pitch (up to 25 deg) roof types. The low pitch roof keeps the overall height of the carport within the 4 metre rule, whilst the high pitch provides enough height to enable you to put a room in the roof.

All are available in a choice of Timbers: Green Oak, Douglas Fir or Redwood, and can also be supplied with a 45 degree Bar End, or a 40 degree Hipped Roof (Please call for pricing).

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If you need any more inspiration, then be sure to have a look at the following video.